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Client Satisfaction at First Resort

We consistently ask for feedback to every client that visits our clinics. We rate our client’s satisfaction through a counselor evaluation and a medical service evaluation that they fill out upon completion of their session. This is completely confidential and we have been doing this for over 29 years. In addition, with the increase in technology, we have been gathering testimonies in other different ways. Our clients may choose to leave a personal note or to provide feedback on the quality of service through public testimonies. We achieve this through them allowing us to share with others their client satisfaction, thus their experience with our services can benefit others who might consider our services and see the value that our services bring to others. Their short testimonies are a powerful way of thanking us for all that they feel we have contributed in their lives. If you are a previous client and would be interested in providing a short testimony, feel free to contact us at

At our Client Satisfaction Page we wanted to share some of those written client testimonies as well as video testimonies. In addition, you can find an array of video testimonies in our YouTube Channel:

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