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Adoption Information. Types of Adoption.

There are different types of adoptions to consider when considering carrying to term. We recognize that there are many reasons women may consider placing a child for adoption and we understand and never underestimate the difficulty of this decision. We can help you with information and support if you choose adoption as the right decision for you.

Below are brief descriptions of the types of adoptions within the US that might be relevant to you:

Open: Allows the birth mom (birthparents) to choose and meet the adoptive parents before the baby is born, as well as exchange addresses and phone numbers throughout the adopted child’s life. It is also possible for the families to visit one another.

Semi-Open: The birthparents are able to pick the adoptive parents from a profile, and are able to stay updated by pictures, etc, through the connection of the adoption agency.

Closed: The birthparents and adoptive parents do not meet, exchange information, or contact one another.

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